SCIMEE Tech.&Sci. Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R & D and application of magnetic separation water purificationtechnology since its establishment, and it isone of the several domestic enterprises thatMaster the magnetic separation water body purification core technology, and thecompany is the pioneer of China’s magnetic separation water purificationtechnology. The company provides customers with sewage treatment packageequipments, operation services, engineering package services and integratedsolutions based on its basis of magnetic separation water purificationtechnology and combination of biological treatment technology, biological-ecologicalwater body recovery technology. 

As a high-tech environmental protection company, SCIMEE has been adheringto the enterprise development road of leading technologies, strengthening the industry-university-researchcooperation and market transformation, and the company’s core technologies of “ReCoMag” and “ReMagDisc” have been widely used in the water treatment systems of coalmine, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, landscape, river&lake andother industrial and municipal fields. The company’s products and technologiesused in the steel rolling, continuous casting’s circulating sewage purificationtreatment have occupied one fifth of the market shares of China’s metallurgicalwater treatment industries, and the company’s projects cover China’s mostprovinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and its aggregate watertreated volume of projects on operation exceeds 13million m3 per day. 

SCIMEE covers a comprehensive manufacture center with occupation of 310acres and has China’s exclusive magnetic separation water treatment testingcentral laboratory authorized by China National Accreditation Service forConformity Assessment (CNAS). Additionally, the company has a scientificresearch base of 3,000 m2 and a pilottest base of 5,000 m2 and has formed a talent team withprofessionalism and high proficiency. 

Currently, SCIMEE has applied for 10 invention patents and 54 utilitymodel patents. The company’s “ultra-magneticseparation water purification technology” has won the second prizeof “2010 Annual Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award” and thetitle of “2011 National Important EnvironmentalProtection Operative Technology”, and the company’s “BeijingBeixiaohe Recycled Water Plant Phase II Engineering’s Level-I Strengthening (ReCoMag)System” won the honorary title of “2010 National Important EnvironmentalProtection Operative Technology Demonstration Project”. The company has successivelybeen named “Most Growable Engineering Company in Water Industry” in 2009 and2010 and named “Most Growable Water Industrial Brand” in 2011. 

SCIMEE has been adhering to the concept of “handlingwater and protect environment with the best virtues” and the guidance of marketdemands to provide water treatment integrated solutions with the combinationwith environmental protection services to offer best services to customers andrealize promising vision of “technology makes environment better” based ontechnical R&D, scientific management system and national policy of greatlydeveloping environmental protection and other strategic emerging industrieswith its own ambition and constant innovation.  

The German Contact: Xiao Zhong  Tannenbach strasse 26, 84079 Bruckberg .